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Official Website of Clyde Derrick. Get private, semi-private and self paced fight lessons. Watch Clyde Derrick's Comedy House shows, and purchase one of Clyde Derrick's books. Find all videos using #ClydeDerrick.

Comedy and Fight Training is my official home where you can find information about my Martial Arts/Boxing Training programs and see what I'm doing in the world of comedy. I have more comedy projects coming up so check back.

It is also the home page for our "First Black Amish" campaign.
It's time, the winds of change are blowing, the nation has come alive and collectively decided to stand for equality.

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Sifu Clyde Derrick
Wing Chun,
Boxing, MMA
Kickboxing &
ground survival


Private Lessons run one hour
Wing Chun Kung Fu
Jeet Kune Do Concepts
Some BJJ & Wrestling

Metro-Los Angeles, California

Semi-Private Lesson Via Zoom

Cost: $15 per class

With a friend, cost is $24 per class

Limited space - 5 invites per class

Classes are twice
a week
Next lesson paid
in advance

See schedule below

You can pay me
via cash app

My Martial Arts

Contact me
via clydederrick

Below are the available time slots for private lessons
Time Slots
11:30AM to
7:00PM to

I'm Sifu Clyde Derrick
and this is where I
teach you, to stay safe.

3 packages to choose from

These courses are for those
who find it easier to learn at
your own speed, no contract!

With all my packages you get
access to a 45 minute
Live Zoom Class
where you can ask questions and get
clarifications on any technique you didn't
understand in the video.

Four months of Self Pace learning.
Boxing from A to Z including explanation
of problems with mma style boxing.

Paid monthly -$39.50 ea.

That's only $8.77 per week for
lesson plan & live class ( / by 4.5 wks)


Access 1st month
Access 2nd month
Access 3rd month
Access 4th month

Four months of self paced learning.
This is an add to the boxing package.
This package will include kicks, knees,
elbows, grabbs and throws used in
American style kickboxing, but
includes elements of pure Muay Thai.

Paid monthly -$39.50 ea.

That's only $8.77 per week for
lesson plan & live class ( / by 4.5 wks)


Access 1st month
Access 2nd month
Access 3rd month
Access 4th month

How do you sign up
Step 1 - Pay for first month
Step 2 - Use the password sent to
you to access class. Use Links

Questions? email me at
we can snapchat

What day is live zoom class?
Zoom class days and times are:
Sunday Night 7:00PM Pacific

An additional day may be set up
to accommodate those who can't
make a Sunday class.

You can take one live class free to
see if you like my teaching style.

Don't forget, you have
the live classes to ask me questions
so you won't feel overwhelmed.

All sales final. Account may be
suspended for a period of time
for reasons such as, but not
limited to health or loss of job.

For special group lessons use
the form below to submit your email
and I'll get in touch with you. Thanks


Later I will add Chinese Kickboxing
Chinese Kickboxing includes concepts
made famous by Bruce Lee,
includes elements of Wing Chun Kung
Fu and covers techniques from
several Martial Arts.

This package is best taken after
you've completed packages 1 & 2
because it does include boxing however,
it is assumed you already know how to
box and kick.

Paid monthly -$39.50 ea.

  Clyde Derrick




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